Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fishing Report
July 29th, 2018
Perch fishing has been on fire this past week and weekend. 4 spots we've heard are G Can, 23 feet of water, East of Perrys Monument, 29 feet of water, Lucy's Point, (arm that goes off Middle Bass) and West of Middle Island. Ohhh... and Goldie's and frozen Emeralds have been working just fine! We have plenty of both! Hope you'll stop in and see us! And one last update... Catawba ramp IS OPEN but is shutting down again after today (Sunday) according to the ODNR. If you're trailering a boat and are still wanting to go out of West Harbor, you can use the County Ramp located on Route 53, just past Midway Marina. It's a free ramp.
Good Luck and Good Fishing!
Rick, In our 40th. year, because of you!
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