Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fishing Report
August 29th, 2018
Walleye: If you are staying in the area, there is still a good trolling bite between Cedar Point and the Dumping Ground. Stinger spoons behind Tru Trip 40's or Jet Diver 40's has been very effective. Depending on where you are and the weather that day, the fish might be buried on the bottom or suspended. It's something you need to determine on that particular day. The past few days, casters who made the run down inside off Huron found the walleye fishing very good. If you want to cast and catch, Cranberry Creek area east of Huron, has been best.

Perch: Perch fishing in July and first 2 weeks in August was great.2 and 3 fish per pound was the norm. Many limits in multiple places was also the norm. From Wednesday, 8/14 until last Friday, the bottom dropped out??? Some are claiming the perch are gorging themselves on water fleas. Can't tell you-don't really know the reason. This past Saturday, we started hearing good numbers being caught again. Yesterday and today, the wind has been cranking and there hasn't been many folks around. Weather looks good this upcoming Friday-Monday for the Holiday weekend. We will have live golden shiners and frozen emerald shiners all the way through. Lake Erie Shiners are very hard to come by. If trying for perch, try Green or Rattlesnake Island areas, East of Lucy's Point, G and H Cans to the West or the buoy off Catawba State Park.

Smallmouth: The fishing for these seems to picking up. Any of the dropoffs around West Reef, the west side of Rattlesnake, or East side of Kelleys have been producing some nice bass. Salted tubes still working but live softshell crayfish working best. We should have craws on hand throughout the weekend.
Wishing you all a great and safe holiday weekend and hoping fish are caught by all! 

Rick, In our 40th. year, because of you!
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