Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fishing Report
March 26th, 2019
Walleye fishing, this past weekend, was great for the most part. Jig fishing North of Mouse, while anchored, and using jigging raps and Swedish pimples, were good ways to catch. Those using hair jigs may have struggled if they were casting and retrieving too quickly. These fish in 30 some degree water temperature may be aggressive, but they're very slow moving and lethargic. The jig bite was also good along E and F Cans. Reefs have been quiet for the most part, so far. We did hear of some jigged up just off Crib Reef.
The trolling bite on Sunday off Catawba was excellent. All sizes of fish were caught and they all look healthy and well fed. Up until this past weekend, P 10's were very successful. .08-1.2 speed with 2 oz. snap weights, 30/30. Now it's slowly going to Bandits. Depending on where you are, you want to be 70-90 back and upping speed to 1.4-1.8. As far as colors, there's always a handful of colors that consistently work. Chromed, painted or a combo of both, in purples and pinks, and ones with orange bottoms, seem to be the most consistent producers this time of year. If you have the opportunity to fish midweek, tomorrow, (Wednesday), will be the day. After that, I'll be the Maytag Man, (the loneliest man in town)! Right now, Thursday thru Sunday does not look pretty, unless they change it.
Good Luck, Good Fishing and Be Safe!
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