Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fiahing Report
April 4th, 2019
This time of year, it's hard to go out in the Western Basin and not come across walleyes on the graph. You see those hooks on your screen and your heart starts to pump a little faster than normal! The biggest deterrent right now is the weather. If you get it, you will more than likely catch fish....a LOT OF FISH! Today- the wind is East. Going out of Catawba is best bet. 2 days ago, fish were caught up around Rattlesnake and Green Island. That would be a good area today. If you are thinking of the reefs to the west of Catawba, you might want to think twice...very dirty. Jig fishermen working West side of Kelleys area this week, did well. If you are planning a trip this weekend, you should be able to get out. I want to thank all the out of state fishermen, In this business, we get to meet a lot of good folks from the Midwest. We appreciate your business greatly. Thanks very much.
As far as fishing goes, if you are a P 10 person, you can still catch fish consistently with them. 30' back with a 2 oz. weight and then 30' back more has been a good starting point. Then you want to stagger your depths from there. Speed 1.2-1.4. A variety of colors are working using Bandits. You can get down to the fish with weights or you can also put more line out to get down without snap weights. Either way has been successful. Have also talked to folks going as fast as 1.8 that are catching also. We have one of the largest selections of custom and stock colored Bandits in the area. Buy 6, Get the 7th. One Free!

We will have nice size walleye emerald shiners this weekend and hopefully won't run out! Most people are aware that shiners are tough to get these days. 
The hair jig bite is starting to take off. 5/8 and 3/4 oz. purple/chartruese blend is the number 1 jig used in this area. You can still vertical jig swedish pimples or jigging rapalas too. Water still very cold. A few perch are being caught from time to time, although not many focusing on them yet. Lakeside or Marblehead Light House have produced some good sized perch, while jigging for walleye.
Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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