Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fishing Report
April 30th, 2019
As a month of wind and chocolate water comes to an end, let's hope May is much better in the weather department! Although the fishing days in April were limited, plenty of fish were caught. We have to be thankful for the consistent bite North of Kelleys Island. There was enough water clarity up in that area to keep it going. Bandits trumped all other crankbaits so far for consistent catches. With the water temp hitting 50 degrees, worms are starting to move here at the store. Over the past 5 days, when we had a decent chop and not 5 foot waves, fish were caught SE of Put-in-Bay using bottom bouncers (some fish suspended) and a 2 hook harness with a crawler. The jig bite, both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, was productive on Niagara and Toussaint Reefs, in spite of the bad water clarity. West Reef with streaks of cleaner water running through it, has also been productive. The bite up west has been limited but not from lack of fish but because there's no place to hide when it's rough. We keep hearing the same from everyone. They're marking lots of fish just about everywhere. Yesterday (Monday) jig fishermen going out of Catawba State Park, caught limits North of Mouse Island. Jig color hasn't mattered for the most part. It does help to use a shiner for scent in this dirty water. Capt. Jays and Vibe Blade Baits have also been working. 
There's a good possibility we will have softcraws (crayfish) middle of next week for Bass Fishermen.

ONE LAST THING! LOL! We have decided not to run our Saturday Biggest Fish Contest this year. Instead, starting May 1, we will be running "HOT" Sales! We will be featuring different items all the time and will keep you posted here, as well as on our website. First up, it's all Reef Runners for $6.99! We will also be running all blades, in all sizes, Buy 10-Get 2 Free! This includes all regular, as well as custom painted blades. Need to organize all those blades and keep secure in one place? We can help with that too! We sell a blade box for $19.95 that holds hundreds! Greatest invention since sliced bread! We hope you'll come check out all our specials this season. More great items will be featured soon. Until next time, Good Luck & Good Fishing!
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