Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fishing Report
May 16th, 2019
FINALLY! A beautiful day to fish...yesterday, today and tomorrow... very fishable! A lot of fishermen limited quickly yesterday. If you went out of Catawba and got above the mud line parallel with Rattlesnake Island, you did well. The fish West of North Bass and up towards Northwest Reef have been there. There has just been a lot of dirty water there for a long time. Trollers are splitting their time between using Bandits (a lot of chrome colors), and trolling harnesses with crawlers. Depending on where you are, 60-90 ft. back and 1.5-1.8 on the speed with Bandits. Worm harness trollers are varying with different weights and speeds. So far, a lot of Antifreeze backed blades in either number 5 or 6, have been best. Between the Bass Islands and Kelleys, from Lucy's Point over to the South side of Middle Island, and NW of Kellys have been very good for a long time. Things will hopefully start changing to the West side of the Islands by Green and Rattlesnake, as the muddy water dissipates. If you are a non-troller, the past 7-10 days have been good for dragging bottom bouncers. With the rough lake recently, the bouncing technique has been working well. Remember, don't put everything on the bottom. Set some rods with lighter bouncers or lighter inline weights with floating harnesses up higher at different depths in the water column, until you get zeroed in on them. Then you can adjust. This is basically drift trolling. Casters using worm harnesses are catching also and this should improve greatly as the water warms up. Not much to say on perching. If 100 people come in, 99 are walleye fishing. Best spots to try this time of year are off the Marblehead Lighthouse or off the airport on the East side of Kelleys. For all the folks who have called for softcraws or have stopped in asking for them, we apologize. In 40 plus years, we have always had them by this time in the season. The weather, especially all the rain, has messed with the process of harvesting them. We will keep everyone informed when we DO have them, on here,on our website and on arrow sign in front of store. Again, apologies. We DO have leeches and salted tubes for bass right now. 
One last thing...As I've said before, we are not having our Saturday Big Fish Contest this year but are running weekly "HOT SALES". So far the list includes, Blade Boxes at $19.95 (were $29.95), all blades Buy 10-Get 2 Free, All Reef Runners and Stock Colored Husky Jerks, $5.99, Church Boards sold out but added this week are all Vibes and Capt. J's Blade Baits $3.49 (regularly $5.49). Stop in and check them out!
Thank you for your business,
Good Luck and Good Fishing!
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