Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

Fishing Report
June 26th, 2019
If you are planning on fishing in the next few days, the casting bite has been the best up between Middle and West sister. Big school of fish there. Morning bite has been best. If you get the right drift, another area has been the east side of Kelleys. Suspended fish there. A little finesse with a casting harness and a 20 count, has been very successful. The casting bite East of North Bass and along the Canadian line has slowed. Many of those fish have moved North of the border. Erie Dearies are making quite the comeback. As the population of walleyes has grown, so has the use of weight forward lures, especially Erie Dearies. The trolling bite has been unbelievable, starting SE side of Kelleys, down to the dumping ground. You can get a mile or so off SE side of Kelleys and go North from there, all the way up to Canadian Line and still be in the fish. Other areas have been a few miles west of Rattlesnake and south of Middle Sister. All the fish seem to be the same. A couple year classes, for the most part, with 16"-22" being dominant. That doesn't even include the hatch from last year, that the brainiacs say will put all other hatches to shame. Bandits are still doing the job but Stinger Spoons are dominating right now. I've heard speed anywhere from 2.0-2.8. I've never heard of people trolling that fast before this year. Fish are being found at a lot of different depths also.
I've heard the word "Limit". when it comes to perch fishing, only a few times this year. So far, big perch, but very scattered. We had emerald shiners for 5 weeks, but that came to an end last week. As usual, as the demand for them goes up, they become scarce. We currently have Golden Shiners and Frozen Emeralds. Softcraws are back, hopefully to stay. We've had some for about the last 2 weeks or so and hope to continue to have them.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!
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